Fire Art | Art du feu

A series of art pieces created by members depicting fire or fire research. Enjoy!

Une série d’œuvres d’art créées par des membres représentant le feu ou la recherche sur le feu. Prendre plaisir!

Sustained Flaming (Acrylic on Black Canvas) by Danielle Alberga

Timber lends itself to significant difficulty to studying in fire due to the unavailability of instrumentation capable of withstanding severe temperatures. As well, the ignition of timber may obstruct non-contact optical technologies for measurement and obscure important pyrolysis mechanisms. Narrow band illumination and filtering technologies are being used to study the underlying mechanical deformation of various materials as well as to develop testing techniques for timber. This painting (acrylic on black canvass) illustrates the student researcher’s interpretation of her experiment of a heritage timber beam being subjected to a controlled fire exposure. This painting shows the sustained flaming of the timber beam seen after the applied fire is extinguished. The blue tinge seen in the painting is a result of the illumination used in the test where the pyrolysis mechanisms were being studied by the research team.

Artwork by NEM

Digital art based on research photographs.

Blue Whirl by Chloe Jeanneret

Sketch drawn based on a blue whirl image within Dr. Elaine Oran’s presentation on June 4th, 2017, at Imperial College London titled “The Beauty of Turbulence and Transitions in Reactive Flows”. A blue whirl occurs when a fire whirl (a standing vortex that combines wind and fire) reaches 2000K and there is no turbulence. There is potential for this type of flame to help with oil spill remediation as it produces no soot and reduced emissions.

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